Unforgettable trips.

Unforgettable trips

Unforgettable trips

Unforgettable trips are what make fantastic memories that last a life time and since getting our Bailey Motorhome, that's exactly what we have been doing, making it unforgettable.

So from our last update we left off about us finding the snow, parking in a great location in France and having a great day skiing. We also touched on the fact of watching other cars trying to get out of the car park and we were worried about us getting out. If you have missed this posting then click the link below to catch up.

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So if you've caught up, let's continue.

Finding the snow has to of been one of our favourite things we have done in the motorhome on top of all the great cities, towns and villages we have been too right across Europe. But coming head to head with snow does have its pitfalls and some we didn't think about at first.

We was that excited to find a fantastic over night parking area right next to a ski lift and all ok for motorhomes to have overnight stays, that we did not think about getting out if it snowed and trust me if you read the last update, it snowed and a lot of it.

Snowed car park

Now at around 4am a snow plough did come in a clear the depths from the overnight blizzard we had, however what was left was for the cars not a pleasant exit. The car park had a little incline to get out and with the snow and ice left on the road, it came to no surprise that cars would struggle and they did. I think while I was clearing the motorhome of snow I decided to what them for a while and at that point I really did think that I would never get our motorhome out.

So after about an hour we decided we need to get back on the road so it was our turn to be watched on our attempt to get out. As I reversed out of our parking space I lined myself up ready for a good run up but in a safe manor of course, as the last thing we wanted to do was slip, skid or hot anyone or even get stuck. First gear and away she pulls, second gear and low speed we move along nicely, I could see others watching and you could tell they were betting we would never get out of here.

However, to our absolute amazement this amazing motorhome just went as if nothing was there, no snow I think the or ice and the slight uphill. What up hill? She didn't even skid or slip, in fact I think that people watching was wondering the same, how. This Bailey Motorhome just did it, no issues at all.

Its funny how things end sometimes but also pleasing that you have a vehicle you can count on when you need too. Of course we were both relived as we did think we may have to ask about 20 people for a push. One thing that did help are our tyres as I since found out after that our fitted tyres have a M+S logo on which means Mud + Snow and I will say, they worked very well.

Unforgettable trips

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The drive down the scenery was just beautiful, mountain roads are just great when it snows. The actual roads themselves were very clear as unlike the UK when it snows here, they ensure they do all they can to clear the roads and keep them safe to which makes it a safe and pleasant journey. What also made the journey is that traffic was light, in fact over quite a few miles it was just us driving.

We drove 139 miles north to a village called Saulx, France. Such a beautiful little village having a lot of new work done, they offered free parking for four motorhomes in a newly built area giving us a free and safe place to park with amazing views across field. Also free water and electric to which is amazing and there was plenty of room.

Villages like Saulx offer these areas for free to bring in the motorhome tourist and it works very well as with in the hour all four spaces were taken up for an overnight stay.

We love taking a walk around these villages in the morning and grabbing a fresh coffee from the local cafe and a fresh baguette ready for lunch.

As with all post we like to keep a running total of how much we spend and we convert back to British Pounds This will take us up to today the 5th February and since our last updated costs which was on the 31st January.

Read, Now back on the road here.

  1. Diesel £84.43
  2. Food out £46.70
  3. Running cost before today £236.98
  4. Total cost of trip up to today £378.20

We have also covered 787 miles to date and covered good ground.

Happy and safe travels all

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