Europe Trip Day 7 and 8.

So night 6 we stayed in our plan B site if your following on from our last post, we arrived a little later than normal because of the driving and moving from site A that we chose.

Day 7 is a big driving day for us as we need to make headway further south and if your following our Polarsteps trip you will see the big push we did.

The motorways here are great with again very little traffic on, the main motorway we came down on from Jaca was the A-2 E-90 around Madrid and then the A-4 E-5 with no issues at all. It really was a pleasure to drive, unlike our motorways at home. This route took us up and over a few medium mountains, one of which we had a little stop to admire the view.

We had a fuel stop and at this point I get a little excited, only because I like looking for the cheapest fuel and this was in Zaragoza. I drove past a supermarket selling diesel for 1.15 Euro a litre, to you and I that’s 99p per litre. Yep, I’m having that and I’ll take a full tank please. So if you’re that way, look out for the supermarkets and fill your tank.

During the drive down after a lunch stop as you may know by now, Elaine starts to look for our stop over for the night. We agreed we want to be parked up by 5:30pm somewhere nice of course, Elaine gets straight onto the Park4Night app and after reading a few locations decides on a village called Puerto Lapice just off the A-4, so keeping us on track.

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There are two parking areas at each end of the village, one is free and the other you have to pay to stay. Of course when we arrived we went to look at the free location but on this occasion it was full so we went to the second choice and we kind of found a little gem.

Firstly it was a fully fenced and gated area, it was brand new and no one was here. This parking area has spaces for 18 motorhomes with the option of electric, toilets, shower, fresh water and both waste. It works on a pay as you go for each service.

To stay for 24hrs was 6.05 Euros and if that’s all you wanted, then that’s all you pay for. Electric is 2.42 Euros, to which we had. To refill water and do black and grey waste, that’s 2.40 Euros and if you did need a shower and use there toilet, then that’s 2.43 Euros. We have just gone for the parking and electric as its all we need for now.

After we got settled we went for a little stroll around the village, it has all you need including three small bars, a bakery for bread, pharmacy and two banks. We read its market day Friday so we will come back down.

After a truly peaceful nights sleep over breakfast we decided that we are going to stay put for a second night for a few reasons and one being it’s a lovely area, secondly I’ve done a fair bit of driving over the last few days so it will be nice to just not drive. Also our next destination we want to hit at a certain time in the morning and its around two and a half hours away. So for now its a trip to the Friday market for some fresh provisions, the bakers for a fresh baguette to which we brought out of a bakers window and in the afternoon we planed to cycle to the top of the hill to see the old windmills.

To my disappointment the hill was like a small mountain, well it certainly felt like it once we got to the top and once up there I forgot to take a picture of the stunning view. This whole area we are in is surrounded in olive tree farms and they stretch as far as the eye can see, it’s quite a sight. Still, I think we managed to burn a few 1000 calories today that’s for sure.

Tomorrow will be an early start as we are off to Cordoba.

Day 7 & 8: Daily Costs:

FUEl: £59.12 SITE FEES: £16.94 GROCERIES: £17.83 COFFEES: £2.06. TOTAL SPEND £90.04

TOTAL RUNNING COST: £384.84 to date.

If you want to follow our whole route LIVE as we drive, we are using Polarsteps to track our driving route, so click HERE to see more and follow.

Day 7 and 8 Coordinates: 39.3202, -3.4827 (lat, lng) N 39° 19′ 13″ W 3° 28′ 58″ (lat, lng)

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Happy and safe travels,

Scott and Elaine

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