Europe Trip Day 16 to 20

After a great 4 days rest in Camping Bella Vista it was time to move on as in 5 days we are meeting up with our friends that are driving the opposite way to us, as we are heading back up the east coast of Spain they are heading down. So we have 5 days to slowly drive round to our meeting site.

Today we are only driving up the road to Mijas, which is another lovely area to visit. We last came here on our first European tour in 2019 and we know where the free overnight parking area is.

This was only a 40 mile drive up the road so an easy day with the driving that’s for sure. Just before we parked up we went in to a local Lidl for a top up of the fridge to keep us going.

Once at Mijas we went for a lovely walk around the town on the beach and some of the side streets and went in to a local shop we know about from last time. This shop sells every single product you can think of, it’s a cross between B&M and a pound shop and it’s full, I don’t think they could get any more stock in there. If you want it, they have it so it’s great if your looking for something silly or handy as they will stock it.

After a restful nights stay in Mijas it was time to move on however this is going to be the lowest drive in one day as we have found a great place just 14 miles up the road called Benalmadena and it looks just lovely. We have also found a fantastic free area for motorhomes to park with free water and waste area next to probably the best local park we have seen. On arrival we just about get in as it site was nearly full as only around 20 motorhomes are allowed to park here.

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Once parked up and settled we set off to have a look around the area and next door is a very large park, now as I said this is one of the best we have seen. We came across the green Parrots and there are a lot flying around here, chickens, they were just roaming, goats in a very large pen, rabbits that looked like house rabbits so not your normal small wild rabbit, guinea pigs and small turtles in the extremely large pound. It is such a beautiful place to walk around for all to enjoy.

On our first night here, next to the side was a concert stage and we heard a band practising playing and best of all it actually sounded like the Royal Marines band, so that was great background entertainment.

There is so much to do and see here that we decided to stay for two nights so we could enjoy it more, the beach is beautiful with plenty of choice of restaurants and bars. The sand and the sea looked amazing, with plenty of beds and umbrellas to choose from, we also walked to one end of the beach to a marina which has been classed as one of the best in the world and to be fair it was just stunning. Pictures can’t also show what you actually see, but I must say we thought it looked amazing.

This is such a great place to come and its really somewhere that we haven’t heard of, so we are gla we came and spent a few day days here and its somewhere that we would pass through again when passing.

There is something about doing what we do, touring in a motorhome is by far the best way to travel and we know that we are very lucky in what we are able to do. We see, visit and do some amazing things during our journey and we both love every mile.

After two lovely nights stay, sadly it’s time to move on up the road. If we had time we would of stayed a few more nights to explore more but we must go.

Now if your counting along today is day 19 and we have a bigger drive today as we need to make some miles up the coast, 166 miles to be exact as our next stop Elaine found a site for motorhomes in Cabo De Gata which is located in a National Park area. The drive once again was trouble free as like I have said before, the roads have all been very good to us and its a pleasure to drive on.

Our site for the night is a secure site with all services in including electric for the small sum of £12.77, which at that low rate is just perfect for our needs. We did turn up later than we would of liked at around 7pm but there was no issues getting in. We also stopped at a Lidl today to top up our supplies.

This was a peaceful site are there was only around 10 motorhomes here with space for around 60, so we was very spaced out which was nice. As we are a little late its cook a nice meal and bed time for us.

In the morning after breakfast we left and set off to go and find some birds, these are one of Elaines favourites so we must find them. A few miles down the road next to the beach on this national park is some wet land which is home to Flamingos and after a little bird spotting we saw a lot of them feeding in the waters. Sadly for us they were not close enough for a great picture as the wet land was very wide and the other side there was no road. Still we managed to see them, so that was a little tick form us.

While down in this area we met another English couple doing the same as us and had a lovely chat about our travels which was nice, it’s also great meeting others out here traveling as we have lots in common and share plenty of information.

After a whirlwind few days we have one more night and still a few miles to cover before we meet our friends, so we move off and hit the road. We cover 131 miles to Los Alcazares and a site called Area Narejos which is another paid site with a fee of £11.90 with all services including electric, water, waste and showers etc. This was a great site with space for 90 motorhomes.

The best thing I found about this location was at around 9pm a fighting plane came in low to land, yep that’s right. The site was located at the end of a runway of an airforce base. They happened to be doing test flights for around an hour which was great to watch and hear as they were very loud. But don’t worry, they stopped by the time we went to bed, however it was very entertaining.

So over the last few days we have covered 351 miles and had some great stop overs and thankfully Elaine keeps our travel diary up to date which in turns helps me out as its a lot to remember when you squeeze in so much.

Watch out for day 21 post as it only gets better.

Day 16 to 20 Daily Costs:

SITE FEES: £24.67 GROCERIES: £41.38 DINNING OUT: £46.13


Day 16 coordinates: Mijas, 36.5052, -4.6833 (lat, lng) N 36° 30′ 19″ W 4° 40′ 60″ (lat, lng)

Day 17 & 18 coordinates: Benalmadena, 36.5934, -4.5315 (lat, lng) N 36° 35′ 36″ W 4° 31′ 53″ (lat, lng)

Day 19 coordinates: Cabo De Gata, 36.7984, -2.2325 (lat, lng) N 36° 47′ 54″ W 2° 13′ 57″ (lat, lng)

Day 20 coordinates: Narejas, 37.7628, -0.8305 (lat, lng) N 37° 45′ 46″ W 0° 49′ 50″ (lat, lng)

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Happy and safe travels,

Scott and Elaine.

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