Epic snow day 2020

Epic snow day in France

Epic snow day

What an epic snow day we have had today in our Bailey Autograph Motorhome, a day we never really planed on to which makes it even better. Every day is epic and a real adventure when we are traveling around Europe but putting a snow day in the mix, well that is another level hence I use the word epic.

So normally this time of year for the past 10 years we go skiing in La Taina, France. This for us is an amazing ski area in the 3 valleys and we just love it there, however this year we did not book as we were unsure of our plans. Of course last minute we book a ferry to take the motorhome out.

We knew we were heading to France or Austria so while packing the motorhome up I decided to put in all our ski gear, like you do and as most will know with the Autograph 79-4 there is ample room to store all your gear. So ski clothes, boots etc wouldn’t be an issue at all to pack just in case.

Bailey Autograph 79-4

The last few days we made it down to Switzerland and just drove down the border next to France, found a great place for lunch and decided then that we need to go a find some snow for the day or even two so we didn’t need anything big but somewhere easy to park and even sleep. Well Park For Night app to the rescue, we found this ski area that we are now on. We are at Les Rousses, Route du Tabagnoz in France right on the border to Switzerland. We are in the main carpark for motorhomes shared with the normal car park, the ski lift is meters away with 2 bars and restaurants plus a ski hire shop.

So we arrived yesterday the 3rd February late afternoon, we could see snow on the slopes but the roads and car park were all clear so not a problem. We parked up and got settled for the night ready for the mornings skiing, to which I might add is exciting because we are here in our motorhome. any way as I was saying, the weather. Most may know mountain weather changes so fast and when I say fast I actually mean in a blink of an eye fast.

Being at around 4,100 feet I have activated high altitude mode on the panel for the first time and my gas is on as no electrical hook up sadly. In the evening after dinner we watched Netflix like you do and then went to be and this is when it all change.

The weather over night was like being in a small hurricane, the wind got up so much we actually though a football team was rocking the motorhome, the temperature dropped to around -6 and the snow was like a major blizzard oh and it was pitch black as no outside lighting here and to top all this off in the early hours the thunder sounded like the heavens had just opened all our war. However with all this going on, we were all snug and safe in our Bailey that’s been perfectly designed for this and while the whole outside of the shell is cover in ice, inside we are lovely and warm.

After an eventful night we was up nice an early, heating on and a spot of breakfast. The ski gear all came out, lift passes to buy and let the skiing begin. Now this is only a small ski area but it is enough for us to warm up after all we are only here for today.

After today fun it was back to the motorhome and back in the warm, a little adjust on the temperature and we are home. However the snow has continued and we have been watching cars trying to get out of the car park and oh my did they struggle, to the point where I am thinking if this snow continues all night then we may be stuck. Now I have brought snow chains and I am hoping they will be fine.

We are running low on power and fresh water so this is where the fun begins, even I I write this my Mac Book Air only has 6% left.

To sum it up though really. Having a motorhome and doing this, taking on adventures and really living it. Pushing it hard and never looking back, making fast decisions and changing them when you want to even getting stuck in snow, living this adventure. It really is epic……!!

So watch out for the updated post, find out how we got on or are we still here……..

Happy and safe travels.

Janways On Tour.

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