Now back on the road.

On the road

Back on the road

“Back on the Road” It’s seems so long ago when we were last traveling around Europe in our Bailey Motorhome as it normally does between holidays, it was 3 long months ago. You really do miss being out traveling around and you get a little jealous of those that are doing it for a year or more.

Still we made a very last minute decision just the other day as we had some time off work coming up with no plans. So we booked a return ferry ticket to France, done. Two days refilling our motorhome on the drive with all the bits and bobs we need then all ready to go.

We have no idea where we are going or indeed where we are staying, other then in our holiday home on wheels.

Yesterday we got our ferry at 19:20hrs as we wanted to be across the water first thing in the morning. After a choppy crossing we headed in the direction on Belgium and as it was late with putting the clock forward we didn’t really want to go far at all. So using the park for night app along route we found a nice free parking area just for motorhomes next to a CarreFour supermarket in Bray-Dunnes, just before Belgium.

It was a perfect stop being late at night and only about 30mins from the port. Carrefour have made a parking area free to motorhomes providing water and empty black waste, however no EH or grey waste to which was fine as we were all refreshed anyway.

This morning we were glade to just be a little lazy really and why not, so we had a sneaky lay in and just decide not to rush. We finally got out of bed and had a bit of breakfast and as we were parked next to a supermarket it a good call to pop in for a fresh French stick and ham for lunch.

Lunch time stop
Lunch time stop

We have decided too head in the direction of Switzerland and see where we end up, we have packed our skiing gear so if we do head that way we will be spending a couple of days skiing that’s for sure.


We have covered 162 miles today down through Belgium and have found a great new stop over for motorhomes only. This is in Cerfontaine, Belgium off the main roads next to a campsite. This site is a new automatic site with 21 perfect level pitches at a good size, comes with all services. The site is managed by a barrier system to which you drive up to, it 10 Euros for 24 hours including electric, water, grey and black waste are to the front with a great space to do all you need to do.

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We find the Park For Night app brilliant and of course you can use it on you tablet or laptop. We use the app version on our phones as we find it easy when Im driving and Elaine can just scroll through the app using the map to find us somewhere for the night

So every trip we always keep a running cost of what we spend, this is not because we are tight. No, its because we like to make our cash go further and so everything we do and spend we keep a tally. So for an update on where we are so far including tonight as I write this on our second night. We convert back to British pounds when doing this.

  1. Ferry ticket £145
  2. Diesel £79.38
  3. First site Free
  4. Second day shopping £4.20
  5. Site with EH £8.40
  6. Total cost £236.98p

So far £236.98 spent including ferry and two nights stops plus a full tank of diesel to which we still have half a tank and we have done 208 miles to this point.

Tomorrow is another day, happy and safe travels all.

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