Europe Trip Day 9

Today we headed off to the city of Cordoba for something a bit more lively, a lot of these old cities in Spain are full of deep history.

When visiting a city in a motorhome you do have to plan more as there are normally only a couple of areas for motorhome parking and this city was no different. So if you do head into cities, do you research first, saves holding up traffic when a little lost.

We found a paying parking area for motorhomes and off we went, again the drive was fine with no issues and we will cover over 200 miles today. Good for us the roads seem to always be clear and no issues.

We got to Cordoba and found our parking area, here I did have a tiny issue sadly. The entrance to the carpark was very tight and not ideal for large motorhomes, either that or I was at the wrong angle when I drove in. After driving through the barrier I didn’t notice the small metal pole in my mirror so I gave it a little clip. Lucky for us no real damage done apart from a few light scratches. First time for me in 3 years, but these things can happen, I might have to get onto the Bailey team to see if they can help us out.

We parked up and went for a walk around the city, this is where you certainly get your steps up and after spending most of our time in small villages we now find ourselves amongst a lot of people. But that’s what cities are all about, there is so much to see and take in with history all around us. Theres big high streets and small streets full of shops and places to eat, it’s very easy to get lost that’s for sure, oh yea and its so hot.

After walking what we thought may of been miles we decided to have lunch out as a treat as we don’t often do and then we headed back to the motorhome.

Now where we parked you could stay overnight (for £17) but we decided not to as next door was a very large stage ready for a concert that night and after hearing the sound check and noticed it will go on to around 1am, we jointly decided to move on and find somewhere more peaceful to sleep.

We decided to move further south and while on the way Elaine found a village called La Puebla de Cazalla offering a free site for 10 motorhomes with all serviced pitches, yes that’s correct. Free serviced pitches for motorhomes, each pitch had a drain in the middle to drop your grey water, fresh water tap and electric and all for free. On the drive down we did think it would be full and had our fingers crossed as this all sounded wonderful.

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On arrival to our excitement there was 9 free spaces, wow. We was pretty shocked but happy at the same time as these areas are just perfect for the tourer.

This parking area has been provided by the local village just up a small hill, about a 10 minute walk and is also next to a lovely park. This is, in our option the best free location we have come across so far and if this is on your route, then you must stop here.

After a lovely nights sleep we took a walk up to the village and this did not disappoint us at all. It was bigger than we thought and so much up there with lots of shops and places to eat and drink. Most was shut when we went up as it was Sunday, but the church bells were ringing out and all the locals was heading to the morning service.

We found somewhere to get a coffee and watch the world go by and we also found the bakers open for some bread. It was very tempting to stay longer as the rules for this location was 3 nights to which with the services that was very good. What I have forgot to mention in the top left picture was a shower and toilet block also for free at this location. This was a big plus for this parking area.

After a great stay here it’s now time to move on this afternoon to Gibraltar. It’s 185 miles drive, so must dash…..

Day 9 Cost: SITE FEES: FREE FUEL: £55.71 DINNING OUT: £25.71 PARKING COST: £9.43 TOTAL SPEND: £90.85

TOTAL RUNNING COST: £473.45 to date.

La Puela de Cazalla

Day 9 Coordinates: 27.2250, -5.3047(lat, lng) N 37° 13′ 30″ W 5° 18′ 17″ (lat, lng)

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Happy and safe travels,

Scott and Elaine.

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