Luxembourg for 12 Euros?


Ever though about going to Luxembourg in your motorhome and visiting the city of Luxembourg. To be fair we hadn’t had it on our list of places and we were unsure why really, as Luxembourg is a really lovely place to visit. You can sense how lovely it is when your driving through areas, it just gives you the image that all is good. The houses look lovely, the streets look clean and there seems to be no rush, well that was our first impressions.

1 Where to park?

Parking in a city is never easy in the best of times, parking a 7.9 meter motorhome is near on impossible and that can put a lot of people off for even going. The best thing to always do is to look just outside the main city to see what there is to offer and then look at buss routes or train routes close by. As always we use the Park for night app to find perfect spot to park and to stay over night and we really have found some great places.

We found a great place to park offering just 4 places to park in Koerich and you can park and sleep here for uptown 48hrs for free. Yep no cost at all. Yes its next to a road but its a small local road and we found it a perfect little spot with a good nights sleep. Also the main reason to is, its free.

2 Getting to the city.

So we have found our place to park to which is in a great location and not too far outside the city. Now from the right up on the review for this location it said that the local busses are near by. Well as it happens, the main bus stop for us was directly across the road and the return bus stop was the parking side of the road, were was parked in a great location and right on the buss stop so all in all just perfect.

Now after checking online for buss times I always use Google Maps, if you zone into your location you will see the buss stop on the map. Click on this and the busses that run from that stop will come ups, this then will show you all times and routes. In all countries we have been to I use this all the time. So our buss was the number 255 and after checking online I found out we needed to get a €4 ticket each.

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For €4 gives you a unlimited ticket which lasted all day up until 4am the following morning, with this ticket you can hop on and off busses all day long if you wanted. The city centre is 30 minutes on the buss and run every hour, the same on the return.

3 Overall costs.

When trying to see as much as you can touring costs are a major factor and as like us, we want our money to go as far as it can. We had an overnight stay here and we did need to refill on water plus we wanted to use the electrical plug in services as we had been off grid for a while. One of the best things about using the electrical hook up here is the low cost as it was metered.

So here we have our costs.

  1. Parking overnight stay. FREE
  2. Electrical Hook Up. €2 for the stay
  3. Fresh water top up and grey waste dump. €2
  4. 2x All day buss tickets €8

So total cost of parking a large motorhome with over night stay and a visit into the city €12. Now I don’t know how you all feel about that but for us we think its a bargain and a well priced trip.

Feel free to comment and let us know what you think or maybe you have been to Luxembourg and you may of found a different way to stay over and even cheaper.

Happy and safe travels all.

Janaway’s On Tour.

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