Surprising fuel price

Surprising fuel price

Fuel price

Checking the fuel price as you drive around can sometimes get to be a habit, however we all hate the cost of fuel nowadays. Fuel price is always a major factor sometimes in how far we drive and when driving a large motorhome our MPG is not that great, well not like a car that’s for sure.

When doing hundreds of miles in our Bailey motorhome I am always driving as economical as possible at a good speed and using cruise control on motorways.

On our current trip we left the UK on a full tank of diesel costing £1.29 per litre from Tesco, in Dover just before the port. Not a bad price and to be fair we had no choice as we were running on fumes.

fuel prices

In France I have noticed prices of 1.58 euro on the French main roads which is £1.32 at todays rate, we headed to Belgium and prices not much different so I now what I’m roughly going to pay. On our route over the week todays drive takes us into Luxembourg for about 40 miles before dropping back out to France which is a real shame as we have never been to Luxembourg.

However there was one bit of good news and I must say it got me a little excited for many reason. The first being we have made it this far on half a tank of fuel, not bad really Dover to Luxembourg; well at least I think that’s good. I remember some time ago reading that fuel in Luxembourg is cheaper than the UK but never really looked into it, so while we are driving through and I have half a tank I thought I would check.

So we turned off the main road and headed for the next petrol station on route and with in a few miles we found one. Now if your anything like me with the price of fuel and you to start smiling when you see the price, you know you’ve done good. Todays price, 1.12 euro per litre to which is at todays rate is only 94p, now if only I was towing a small personal tanker behind the motorhome.

So todays hints & tips are very simple, if your planning to go to Luxembourg in your motorhome as part of your adventure, just make sure you have an empty fuel tank. You to will be smiling like me.

Happy and safe travels.

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