Europe Trip Day 2

Well after a great start to the trip and a beautiful strop over on Conty it is time to move off to our next location, but not before one more thing. A morning walk in to the centre of the village to get a fresh baguette and a coffee, as the villages give us free parking we always ensure we spend local. I am sure all the euros spent in the villages by people like us add up.

As I said in yesterdays post, we have somewhere special we wanted to pass by today on our trip south and it’s a little off track but it’s something we have wanted to do. I am also very sure that many of you reading this may think the same.

We have sent google maps up and are heading straight to Chateau de La Motte Husson for a little peak and hopefully a hello from the owners. Have you guessed it?

Yes that’s right Channel 4 ‘Escape to the Chateau’ Dick and Angels home in France. We know you can’t just pull in as it’s there private home and we respect their personal space, so Elaine sent a lovely email letting them know that we would be passing and to see if it was ok to take pictures. We then received a lovely email from Angel saying “yes of course, and if I’m in I will give you a wave”

The Chateau de La Motte Husson

Well after a long drive of 236 miles we found their beautiful home just set back off the road and they have made a small pull in area to ensure you are safe from the traffic. However you are not to pass the red sign as from there its private, to which we fully understand.

From watching the program on Channel 4 on how well they have done over the years, to actually seeing it in person. The building is just beautiful and the grounds from the front just look stunning, so worth the drive to say we have been.

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To top it off just as we had taken some photos, we saw Angel. She saw us from the window and came outside and took the time to say hello, she wished us a safe and happy holiday which was just lovely. That just made our day and the drive worth it.

There are many things Dick and Angel do at The Chateau normally, however the rules are a little different in France compared to the UK with the current situation, so sadly they are not fully operational. We will in the future come back when all is well

After all that excitement and long drive Elaine had found us a place to stay for the night in the local village just 5 minutes away from The Chateau, I guess it’s Dick and Angels local little town.

It did not disappoint, on driving though the small French village of Martigne-sur Mayenne you can just see how beautiful it is.

Park4Night App

At the bottom end of the village there is an area they allow motorhomes to park overnight for free and they even provide a large drive over service point with a drain, so you can drop your grey water. They also provide free fresh water to fill back up and a black waste disposal point again all for free.

We spent the night here and had a really peaceful sleep, with one other motorhome here as well.

After a good nights sleep and a spot of breakfast its was almost time to set off, but again not before a small stroll around the village for a fresh baguette and a coffee with a view of the village.

Daily Costs:

SITE FEES: Free. FUEL: £28.17 GROCERIES: £2.13 TOTAL SPEND: £30.30


If you want to follow our whole route, we are using Polarsteps to track our driving route, so click HERE to see more and follow.

P.S, this was another free site.

Coordinates: 48.1919, -0.6606 (lat, lng) N 48o 11′ 31′ W 0o 39′ 38 (lat lng)

Keep following daily to see where we go next. We have only just got started with a few more miles to go, well may be a few more 1000’s of miles.

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Happy and safe travels,

Scott & Elaine.

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