Post Brexit driving in Europe 2020.

Driving in Europe

Driving in Europe

Driving in Europe post Brexit to which is taking place as this article is being written, a lot of people have been unsure as to how it effects us after. We looked into its a bit more as we are touring the same week as there UK leaves the European Union.

There has been and still is by many a little confusion over visas, ferry travel, EHIC validity and pet passports. Do I need different vehicle insurance or travel Insurance? Will I still be able to use my mobile phone? It’s no wonder many people have been a little put off.

Driving in Europe
Driving in Europe post Brexit

Well for the rest of 2020 nothing much is going to change for you and I as for the remainder of 2020 Britain is in a transition period and this is so the UK can sort out all the trade deals with the EU. We will no longer be members or the EU but during this time Britons will be able to move freely around Europe and will be subject to EU laws.

So no green cards or any extra visas, all EHIC cards and pet passports will still be valid and data roaming charges will remain the same as they are now.

So for all touring holidays, the of you out and about still or those thinking about if for this year as you was not sure, it’s business as usual. So pack up that motorhome and hit the road.

Some more info if needed you can find out more here on the government website.

Happy travels all. Follow all our page here.

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