BREAKING NEWS: 1 Ferry Ticket Booked.

1 Ferry Ticket Booked

P&O Ferry

Well last minute we decided to book a ferry ticket to France with P&O Ferries, the motorhome is being packed up on the drive including all provisions needed and of course winter clothing this time round.

P&O Ferries
P&O Ferries

“absolutely nothing booked”

However we have no plan, not sure which way to turn and have absolutely nothing booked. Just how we like it, this is where another little adventure starts.

So we have 10 days to lose ourselves across the water and we have a mission to complete

  • Get away from home
  • See as much as we can
  • Go as far as we can
  • Have an adventure
  • Do more but spend less
  • Oh yea, lets lost somewhere

Now a lot of you may prefer to plan a route, checkout some site, book in advance, set a time etc etc and thats just fine. There is nothing wrong with planning fully a good trip. Some might even worry a little and just not go because they are not confident enough and again thats just fine. Its your holiday, you do want makes you happy.

Us, buy a ferry ticket, fill up with fuel and drive, lets see where the road ends up. We are kind of thinking Germany, Austria side for a little drive. We are even going to pack our skiing equipment and why not, after all its the season for it and we are missing the snow. Normally this time of year we go skiing so would make a great adventure in the motorhome thats for sure.

We are open to any suggestions you may have if you have been that way so please feel free to leave a comment below.

We booked our ferry ticket with P&O ferries, as being a cheaper price by far as the port is only 10 minutes from our house, so very handy (Not a P&O advert)

Please watch out for daily updates via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and of course on our website.

Happy and safe travels all.

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