Morella Spain

Morrella Spain

Magnificent Morella Spain.

Should you be travelling near the Spanish resorts of Peniscola or Benicarlo on the Mediterranean coast and you fancy some history and typical culture for the region then there is no better place than to visit the medieval town of Morella the town is situated on top of a mountain 984 meters above sea level and from the castle that is the jewel in the crown you can encounter magnificent emerald green scenery for miles.

Don’t let the fact that this town is high in the mountains put you off taking your Bailey leisure vehicle as the Peugeot Boxer had no problems with the topography and the road is being upgraded so there are a few sharp and twisting bends but nothing was troubling our Autograph 794, and as the town comes into view you think to yourself it’s worth it! 

The scenery on the drive is fantastic. We parked on a free aire about 5 minutes from the town itself but a steep walk to the town, so if you have mobility problems opt for the Car park adjacent to the town and allows motorhomes to park in the day for 2 euros. 
This is walled town so you enter through impressive gates and the impact is breathtaking as your welcomed by ancient stone walls, whitewashed houses with terracotta coloured roofs no wonder that it has been voted one of the prettiest villages in Spain. 

As you wander the cobbled streets there is every thing for somebody ,history is oozing from the walls and there are many shops selling locally produced products such as Goats cheese,the house of honey, local bread and since the 13th century Morella blankets .
Be sure to visit the castle that dominates the town and has seen many conflicts such as the Punic war and after time Morella became part of the Roman tarragona.

In 714 it was taken by the moors and renamed Maurela. In 1804 El CID who is believed may have rebuilt the castle, fought the battle of Morella, defeating Sancho Ramirez of Aragon. 

There is also two impressive churches and a Dinosaur museum as there is evidence of dinosaurs inhabiting the land dating back 4000 years BC. 
This is a great town to explore for all ages.

Written by: @JeffTallis

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