BREAKING NEWS: Janaways On Tour want Guest Bloggers

Guest Bloggers for Janaways On Tour

Here on Janaways On Tour website we would like to invite guest bloggers, yep we want your blogs posted on this page set up just for you. Your post could be hints & tips or your last adventure, or even an adventure your planning. If you do not write long blogs but instead you have a YouTube channel then thats fine also, just write a short piece about your video and then embed your YouTube video in to the post. Our readers will then click on your video an make there way over to your YouTube channel.

Janaways On Tour

What ever it may be, we want it here. Within your post we want you to ensure you add all your links to your website, YouTube channel and all your social media accounts.

Janaways on tour

Why, you ask? Well sharing is caring and we are all sharing what we do on our adventures with like minded people. We want to make our site very open to all as there are many our there that look up to us as they dream about what they would love to do if and when they get there motorhome. So lets share ours with them, help and inspire them.

It also helps us all with the flow of traffic of course, sharing web traffic is important and keeping everyone in the right areas helps us all. A good trip of ours my be a good read however your last adventure may be what the reader is looking for at the time.

We have many favourite bloggers and YouTubers out there

Bob Earnshaw's YouTube Channel is up there as a really good channel, well worth a view thats for sure. Bob and his wife jenny are everywhere all the time, they do not sit still. They have covered so much over the years and have some great content to share on there channel. Check out there channel here

Here is one of Bob and Jennys YouTube video's, we pick this one as if you watch it, you will see me and Elaine in it. This was at the Bailey Motorhome 2020 Launch last September.

There are of course many more people out there with amazing channels well worth a follow to which we will do a post about soon as we do like to share.

Please contact us via email for more information about anything or you want to add your story to a page as a guest. You are more than welcome.

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