Off to Germany, day 2.

First night done on our tour and I must say it has been a great start with a great nights sleep in our Bailey Autograph 79-4. The island bed in the rear bedroom is just perfect for sleeping in, waking very refreshed and ready to go. This being our first night not on a full site like we are used to in the UK when staying at club sites I must also say the motorhome really does live up to what it for. This is our home for the night few months during our travels and already I know we are going to get on just fine.

One subject I will talk about in todays post in the onboard toilet, its one of those conversations you either love or hate but when travelling around for long periods of time in your motorhome it’s a chat you will have to have. Now in a general rule when staying on full sites I would say most people would use the on site facilities for your everyday number 2s, I would say that most people would think this way.

I know so far to date on all our our UK trips this was us, so the the last 12 months thats what we have done. Number 1s in the motorhome when needed and number 2 in the on site facilities, we have all been there.

Well last night we broke that rule as our overnight parking did not provide such facilities for this and we did have a little laugh about it as we did discuss the privacy rules going forward as being in such a small space if you like, one goes for a little walk while one other has a sit down if you know what I mean.

However others look at it, some people may just always get on with it and others may build up to it as everyone is different and it’s always sometimes a little awkward. But we had a little chuckle about it and did when ever human does, a number 2 in the warm and comfort of our home on wheels.

A few tips I would give you if touring for a long time is take plenty of blue of course and the second I would recommend emptying the cartridge at ever point possible when you have the facilities to do so as the last thing you need is a full cartridge and know where to dump. Don’t be that person that lets us all down by dumping on grass verges or in the bushes as that is not good at all.

Lets move on….

So now we have got that out of the way, today is just a driving day really and just a stop for lunch as we want to push a little distance to move on. With that we are heading into Germany and through the Black Forest. The drive to our new location certainly was a good drive, we left our location in Belgium and dropped into Germany heading towards where we planned a stop for lunch in Munchweiler an der Rodalb.

This is where the above photo was taken, a nice little parking area to make a little lunch in the kitchen. I find this part of the day one of my favourites as pulling up and just turning the drivers chair around while Elaine pops in the kitchen to make us something too eat is just so much fun. This just makes this adventure doing this and Im sure most will say the same.

After lunch and a little rest we continue the drive to which took us back into France before coming back into Germany as the way the boarder went this was the faster route. I also must point out the German roads are just lovely to drive on and in top condition which also made it a pleasant drive.

Second nights stop

So for our second nights stop over we found a lovely village by using the Park4Night app, this app is a must for all when travelling around Europe. Tonight we are staying in Bad Petersatl-Griesbach, such a pretty little village as you drive through and our parking is located at the top of the village.

Todays overnight parking area in the village was behind a hotel with a small spar. It had space for 10 pitches, electric hook up was 1euro for 8 hours, fresh water 1 euro for 80 litres and they had a shower and toilet if you want at 2euros each should you need it. To walk in to the small village from the parking area is only a few minutes to local shops.

Day 2 miles and costs

Driving miles 273, fuel top up 67euros, site fees 16euros. Total spend 83 euros. Total running cost of trip 101.40 euros.

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